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Safe, secure email communication without data limits

Current security issues (e.g., cryptoviruses, ransomware, etc.), e-mails are a cause of great concern among corporate users. Anything with an attachment is suspect! Corporate Security Chiefs are either forbidding or deleting e-mails with attachments. This problem can be simply overcome by using our world-class Enterprise File Sync and Share solution – Outlook Plugin.

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Simple sharing and sending of data

Simple sharing and transmission of data files or complete directories from Outlook. Using epiKshare’s Outlook integration you can share access to important files and directories with just a few clicks.

File sharing is optimized by sending only a simple link between users.

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Always on the save site thanks to encryption

Heightened security is accomplished by sending only encrypted data between users. Data files and directories are stored in encrypted format on your server. Regardless of the email provider only encrypted data transacts between users.

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Distribute data worldwide without limits!

No size limit on attachments! Size limits on shared files and attachments are absolutely free of restrictions - either from sender or recipient.

Send data of any size anywhere, anytime.

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Determine who has access!

To limit access to sensitive data or documents the document creator can choose to enter a date to restrict access to a specific period of time.  Once the date is reached files can no longer be accessed except by the creator or system administrator.

Determine the access of your data also in the future.

The secure link!

Outlook Plugin allows highly secure access to your files and documents from any end device and allows you to send data of all kinds, even files too large to be sent through conventional email provides can be shared effortlessly with Outlook Plugin.

Cyber ​​and malware attacks force admins to firewalls!

Share Excel and Word documents with macros even with increased firewall security. Ransomware and other cyber security issues continually force enterprises to increase security levels within organizations. Limit the accessibility of sensitive documents by sending only links between users.

Confidence Security!

Increase user trust and confidence by sending only download links from the company server. Today even familiar email addresses can contain malware and/or provide access to cyber criminals. Simply sending an epiKshare link, e.g. <epiKshare.customerdomain.com> precludes this potential incursion and gives users an added sense of security.